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“Vinh Long University of Technology Education, where there is no boundary between School and reality”
“Knowledge - Creativity - Integration - Development”


1. General goals

Being a key university in the field of vocational education, technology and other socio-economic fields for the South, South Central and Central Highlands regions.
Being a center for training and fostering vocational educators and managers to meet national and international standards.
Being a center for assessing vocational skills, accrediting the national vocational education quality.
Being a center for scientific research, technology transfer, and innovative start-up incubator, attracting investment in highly qualified human resources.
Striving to reach the general development level of domestic universities by 2020, and reach the average level in Southeast Asia and the world by 2030.

2. Specific goals

Training vocational educators, technical staff with undergraduate and graduate qualifications to meet the national, ASEAN and international standards with a flow of 10,000 students/year; ensuring the training quality, training associated with social needs, production practice and international integration.
Organizing activities of the Center for training and fostering professional skills, vocational pedagogy, and managing staff for teachers and administrators in the vocational education system.
Organizing activities of the Center for assessment and granting of national vocational skills certificates compatible with ASEAN and APEC regional vocational skills standards for vocational educators and regional workers.
Organizing activities of the Center for Vocational Education Quality Accreditation; training and fostering vocational skills assessors in the vocational education system.
Organizing activities of the Center for Scientific Research and Vocational Training, Science and Technology; scientific and technological product transfer in related fields.
Organizing activities of International Training Center, Center for Research and Technology Transfer, and Innovative Start-up Incubator.